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Deruster Restom® PAC 2030 1 liter

Phosphating cleaner for tanks and coolers, derusting Restom® PAC 2030  
Product no.: 1003-003
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Deruster Restom® PAC 2030 1 liter
Deruster Restom® PAC 2030 1 liter
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Products description

1.) Strong phosphating deruster for corroded steel. Rust is not converted, but completely REMOVED - the safest solution! 
The metal is NOT attacked due to the rust inhibitors contained in the product. Dilute 1:1 with water and apply with a brush. Small parts can also be dipped. 

2.) Quick reacting descaler and rust remover for coolers, even for thick layers: Cleans to the metal and removes rust and limescale deposits in one. Grips copper, rubber, Klingerit, ... DOES NOT attack. 

1 litre Restom® PAC 2030 removes approx. 1 kg of lime. For a circuit with 5 l capacity approx. 1 litre of Restom® PAC 2030 is required. 

Packaging: 0.5 L and 1.0 L and 5.0 L

Cooler cleaning

Learn how to clean your vehicle's cooling system (e.g. for a 10-litre cooling system):

    Drain the existing coolant.
    Replace it with 2 L Restom® PAC 2030 + 8 L water (maximum dilution = 1L Restom® PAC 2030 + 4L water).
    Leave the radiator cap open as degassing will occur, indicating the effect of the product.
    Run the engine at idle speed (keep it at approx. 50/60°C to activate the thermostat) to reduce the liquid level.
    circulate through the system
    If degassing stops (approx. 2-3 hours), empty and rinse the entire system several times with clean water.
    Water due to engine idling.
    Fill the system with a new coolant.


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