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Since 1993, Restom has been your French specialist in applied chemistry for the restoration of classic cars.

You invest a lot of time and money in this passion that unites us all. We must therefore be efficient and offer you only the highest quality products. These products are easy to work with and allow anyone to carry out restorations that respect the spirit of the original.

We strive to be innovative and creative, developing products in our laboratory to meet your needs. Each new formulation is field tested on motorbike parts, cars, etc. to achieve proven quality and durability.

Anyone who loves cars and motorbikes and who really cares about his or her (classic) car "sweetheart" will certainly have heard of the subject of "tank sealing" at some time or other, and for good reason, because after all, this is a great contribution to maintaining the value and "fitness" of one's own - and not infrequently also "beloved" - vehicle. Because only a maintained, sealed and derusted tank is a good tank!
Here you will find reliable information on how to derust and seal a tank. And of course you can also purchase the products you need - as always in top quality and exclusively from Restom.

If you choose one of the high-quality and carefully compiled kits from our well-stocked online shop, then you are definitely on the safe side. Because you are buying highly effective and reliable products in absolute premium quality. All those who have been customers of ours for a long time and already use articles from our wide range of products know that this is not just empty words, but a real promise (which we of course keep!). After all, we want you to be 100% satisfied with us and our exclusive products. That is our claim and we do everything we can to really live up to it every day. And we give you our word on that!
The "Super-Kits" - which can be found in our shop in different sizes and in various combinations - are exactly the right thing for all those who hold their "darling on four (or two) wheels" particularly dear. They are the strong partners at your side when it comes to caring for your car and especially keeping the tank - which is known to be very susceptible to defects, contamination and corrosion damage - "in good shape". With our high-quality and "thoroughly tested" products, you can seal the tank and (have) the tank coated. They are easy to use and work quickly and reliably.

This only applies, however, if you choose genuine professional products and effective rust removers from renowned manufacturers.With the articles - which you will find in large numbers and variety in our well-stocked online shop, perfectly tailored to the needs of car and motorbike owners - you can of course also derust a Simson tank. In addition, you can use it to care for the tank and all other parts of your "little treasure" and thus effectively and reliably prevent further possible damage. And of course this applies to the car in the same way as it does to your "beloved" motorbike.Our "Super Kits" contain everything you need for "Tank Sealing Motorcycle". It is a complete package that is suitable for the treatment and restoration of steel tanks that are affected with rust. With the high-quality products, you can quickly and easily remove rust from the tank.You can also seal the tank and coat the tank. With our quality products - which contain 25 years of experience, expertise and know-how (and of course a great deal of passion for cars and motorbikes!) - the topic of "derusting a Simson tank" is child's play.The kits available from us always contain the quantity required for a tank. You can use them to derust an already "aged" tank or you can also opt for the "all-round package" - if you want to derust AND seal the tank.
We will advise you comprehensively and competently on all questions and problems. Our service is just as "top" as our products are. GUARANTEED!

Derusting, with WHAT?

You can educate yourself by browsing the World Wide Web. There are many tips and tricks on the subject of derusting. We find ideas with cola or citric acid interesting. It may work, but the effort is far too complicated. Advantage very cheap, disadvantage it takes much too long and the result is sometimes not the desired one. Using the example of a motorbike tank, capacity 5 or 25 litres, you need 0.5 litres of rust remover PAC2030 and 0.5 litres of water - and that's all. Leave on for 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the degree of rusting.

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